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Aydin_Alyansab Born on November 17, 1975 in Tehran

Has learnt Tar and Setar Raz from 1363 to 1372 from the masters such as  of Jamal_Samavati, Zeydollah Tolooei, Arshad Tahmasbi, Hossein Alizadeh, Dariush Talaei

He is a graduate of Tehran Conservatory and Komitas Conservatory (Armenia) in the field of classical piano and with professors such as:

Dr. Katherine_Arefi Dr. Sophie_MikaeilianHaynoush Makarian

Professor Tangiz_Shawlo_Khashvili has been trained. His activities can be

 Formed by Uranus Group 2012

 Album "Dergozar…." 2000

The album "Sargashteh…." 2013

 "Ambush" collection

 (Concert and album)

The "hiding place" collection pointed out.

 Performing and recording a concerto for strings and symphony orchestra in three movements of Ali Rahbari's outstanding works and the first concerto for strings and symphony orchestra as a soloist with the Prague Metropolitan Orchestra of the Czech Republic



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Aidin Olya Nssab
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# Song name Artist Duration Producer
1 Ghat'eye Sargashteh Aidin Olya Nssab 07:34 -
2 Daramad, Bidad, Segah-E Yatim (Chahargah, Morakkab) Aidin Olya Nssab 02:18 -
3 Chaharmezrab-E Mojdeh Aidin Olya Nssab 07:11 -
4 Hoseyni, Yatimak, Masihi, Basteh-Negar, Forud, Rahavi Aidin Olya Nssab 02:38 -
5 Razavi Aidin Olya Nssab 00:35 -
6 Aragh, Nahib, Maghlub, Bahr-E Nur, Gharacheh Aidin Olya Nssab 02:14 -
7 Ghat'eye Seyr Aidin Olya Nssab 08:42 -
8 Kereshmeh Aidin Olya Nssab 01:20 -
9 Nahoft Aidin Olya Nssab 01:28 -
10 Daramad-E Nava Aidin Olya Nssab 01:26 -

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